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I’ve been interested in Computing since I was 5. The main drive for it was being able to jump into a different world from the one around us.

It has evolved, -or devolved depending on who you ask- into having a miniature Datacenter in my basement. I currently have: 3 custom built hypervisors in a mITX form factor all Single socket Xeons, and one RPi 4 as compute, Then I have a JBOD Storage Node connected over SAS to a vSAN(96TB).

3X node of NUCS running Proxmox VE as a hypervisor | Cluster name: Clusterfart - Plans to move to XCP-ng / XenOrchestra in the near future.

Hostname1: ClusterNode1

Hostname2: ClusterNode2

Hostname3: ClusterNode3


    - Plex    \
    - Sonarr   \
    - Radarr    \   |-----------------------------|
    - Lidarr     ---| Also known as the ARR stack |
    - NZBGet    /   |-----------------------------|
    - Flood    /
    - Jackett /
- Misskey install - Self Hosted fediverse compatible solution that isn’t an absolute PITA to maintain.

Raspberry Pi 8gb running Ubuntu 20.04 | Hostname: Gibson

- TK4 System370 Mainframe emulator.

- Speedo: A tool I wrote to take an hourly and speed test, and puts them in a LibreOffice spreadsheet to give me daily averages in charts for Latency, and bandwidth throughput.


All of this is running behind either a Watchguard Firebox or an Untangle NG Firewall. VLANs:

10 - Servers

20 - Trusted clients

30 - IoT

40 - DMZ

666 - DarkDeath. Named after my Niece’s alter ego…. This VLAN takes any traffic that has been tagged as suspicious, routes it to a virtual interface that dumps the packet to /dev/null/. - This is used for certain types of traffic that don’t conform with the policies already set in place, or clients that have been tagged as suspicious, malicious, unknown-bad, or unverified-bad.



The other moderators of Ham Radio Crash Course and I started the Ham Radio Crash Course Wiki, (Still a work in Progress as we all have full time + jobs and limited free time as it is) It’s a central repository that will have a large base of knowledge for all things Ham Radio. This started due to us needing a centralized resource that wasnt tied to any resources we lacked full control over. the reason we chose Wiki.js as the platform is due to it’s more modern interface compared to MediaWiki, ease of install / configuration, and it’s portability to any other Wiki platform due to the use of Markdown as the source material.

Art Bell Live


I have insomnia. This radio program (Coast To Coast AM) talks about the parannormal, and spooky things of the world. I wrote up a 90’s esque site, and offer a radio stream for other insomniacs. Almost 10k views. Kinda cool. It uses Icecast on the backend for the audio stream. I have spent years finding, buying tapes of the shows and digitizing them for listening. This also simulcasts on a Part 15 certified FM transmitter at my house So I can set a sleep timer on my alarm clock radio and listen to it as I fall asleep without headphones or network connected gear.

Active in the Libre Space ideaological paradigm

Libre Space Foundation

  ________       ___    ___ ________    _____     
 |\   ____\     |\  \  /  /|\   ____\  / __  \    
 \ \  \___|_    \ \  \/  / | \  \___|_|\/_|\  \    
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